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Built for Life...

In Ireland we know how the damp affects people and property so when it comes to homes we want the best materials. Thankfully building codes introduced by the Irish government in October 2019  ensure  that our homes are Safe, Robust, Durable and Energy Efficient. However sourcing the correct materials is not simple.

With an engineering background in control systems and panel production we researched the market for the optimum mix of materials to deliver a structural insulated panel that will exceed both our customer needs and building requirements.


Our panels come with a 50 year guarantee , are NZEB compliant (U-value .17 W/m²K), and up to 3 times stronger than a typical timber frame house with a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional materials which makes our Structural insulated panels (SIP) very green ( not in a moldy way!) all year round. 

50 year.png

50 Year Warranty

enhanced stability.png

Enhanced Stability


Sustainably Sourced


Resistant to Fungal 


Low Maintenance

Thermal conductivity (4).jpg

Thermal Conductivity



Structural Stability.jpg

Structural Stability

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