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Built to last.

SureFinishing Ltd offers customers machined and finished high performance Structural insulated exterior and interior panels  produced under validated process control conditions. Each panel is produced using a combination of Tricoya ,PUR and OSB. Tricoya a high quality, reliable, dimensionally stable product, when combined with OSB and PUR it forms a SIP module. Assembled at our factory in Tipperary the result is a structure that is highly energy efficient, waterproof, structurally sound and durable . Additionally all SIPS are produced under controlled conditions maintained within our QMS.

sip panel.jpg

quality controlled

50 year.png

50 Year Warranty

enhanced stability.png

Enhanced Stability


Sustainably Sourced


Resistant to Fungal 


Low Maintenance



Thermal conductivity (4).jpg

Thermal Conductivity

Structural Stability.jpg

Structural Stability

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