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Suresips Built for Life...

SURESIP's are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. There are three main components SIP, Spline and Corner  unit. The SIPs make up the bulk of the building forming the floors, walls  and roof while the Splines are used to join the SIPs together. Then as each wall is completed it is  joined to the next  wall using the corner units. Have a look at the cabin assembly training video below to see how it all comes together.


See some of the way SURESIP'S can improve your build.

Link to  SURESIP  load tables.

Link to External SURESIP load tables.

Link to DoC.

sURESIP Finishing

The finishing touches of  a build is your chance to add character and detail.  SURESIPs gives you the freedom and security to design the look and feel of your home.

3m 525 data sheet. 

Cabin assembly

Step by step instructions, how to assemble a SURESIP cabin.

Also check out  EPDM  to see how it is fitted and some more  kit assembly info.

on-site changes

Check out how easy it is to cut out a window section from a SURESIP wall.



on-site changes

Check out how easy it is to cut out a rebate from a SURESIP.



about tricoya

See how Tricoya is changing the way people view MDF panels.

Link to Tricoya data sheet.

about sips

Learn about SIP's and where they came from.This is the first of 10 builder education videos  from the structural insulated panel association (SIPA).

50 year.png

50 Year Warranty

enhanced stability.png

Enhanced Stability


Sustainably Sourced


Resistant to Fungal 


Low Maintenance

Thermal conductivity (4).jpg

Thermal Conductivity



Structural Stability.jpg

Structural Stability

Structural insulated panel
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